New Literacies — the challenge

Young people are using the New Literacies in droves – things like SMS, Google, Instant Messenging, MySpace, and blogs. Broader concepts like ‘visual literacy’ are said to be part of the way that young people communicate.

Our aim of incorporating them into classroom practice is to create a bridge into more formal literacy and numeracy skills, and to develop the students as critical thinkers, rather than mere consumers of these innovations.

Our project is particularly focused on early school-leavers and youth at risk, but we hope it may also be of use in mainstream schooling.

Teachers, researchers and students who are interested in New Literacies are welcome to use the resources.

The 4 Resources Model

The Four Resources Model by Luke & Freebody (1999) has been used as the basis for our approach. The Model proposes that effective literacy draws on four "practices" that are necessary but not sufficient on their own. A contemporary sociocultural perspective of literacy underpins the model. More…

New London Group

In 1996, the New London Group argued that the multiplicity of communications channels and increasing cultural diversity in the world today called for a much broader view of literacy than portrayed by traditional language-based approaches. More…


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